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asia in a box
Asian Movies List 
16th-Jun-2009 10:43 am
alice [love hatter]

So Okay I've been thinking of doing this for some time now and finally i sat down and tried to write it down. Japanese and Korean movies that I have seen. I know I didn't get them all but i think i managed most of them. I tried to write down Singapore/ China movies as well.... but It's not going to work anytime soon. Over the Years I've seen many of them and now I don't even know where to start from. So I'll leave the few I had noted down on a movie list I had. I'll try to add the rest... or well some of the rest later.
And then there is so many of what I still haven't seen but want to. Sometimes it's just so hard to get your hands on to some movies especially if they are not translated. X_x

But anyhow here's a list: Alphabetical order ... mostly with english titles but some with original language. It's just how I've learned or knew the movies by. The movies that start with [the] are listed in the order of the next word.

Didn't list down anime except for 1 korean one since it's the only korean one I've seen. And did not list down drama movies, cause if i saw them then they are already noted under the drama and i pretty much see them as part of the drama.

LAST UPDATED: 13 Jan. 2010
movies i really recommend have a * next to them

Japanese (48)

700 Days of Battle Us Vs The Police
Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth
Check it Out Yo
Crows Zero*
Crows Zero II*
Cutie Honey
Cyborg She
Fure Fure Girl*
The Hansome Suit
Happy Flight
Heavenly Forest*
Honey and Clover*
The Insects Unlisted in the Encyclopedia
Jam Films*
K-20: Legend of the Mask
Kage no Tsuki
Kamikaze Girls*
Kamizama no Puzzle
Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai*
Lovely Complex*
Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge
One Million Yen and the Nigamushi Woman
Paco and the Magical Picture Book
Pikanchi Double
Shogun Assasin
Space Travellers*
Sono Toki wa Kare ni Yoroshiku
Summer Time Machine Blues*
Tennen Kokekkô
Thirty Lies or So*
Turtles Swim Faster than Expected
Virgin Snow
Waiting in the Dark
Welcome to the Quiet Room

Korean (50)

100 Days With Mr Arrogant
200 Pounds Beauty
Antique Bakery
A Bittersweet Life*
A Millionaire's First Love*
A Moment to Remember
A Romance of their own / Lure of the Wolf
The Art of Seduction
Attack on the Pin-Up Boys
Baby and Me
Christmas on July 24th Avenue
Daddy Long Legs
Do Re Mi*
The Guy Was Cool
Heartbroke Library
Il Mare
Im a Cyborg but thats ok
Innocent Steps
The Legend of Seven Cutter
Little Bride
Love so divine
Love in Magic
Love is not Necessary*
My Boyfriend is type B
My Girlfriend is an Agent
My Mighty Princess
My Sassy Girl*
My Tutor Friend
My Tutor Friend 2
Naked Kitchen
Now and Forever
Once in a Summer
The Perfect Couple
Project makeover
Ride Away
Sad Movie*
S Diary
She's on Duty
Seducing Mr. Right
Sexy Teacher
Surprise Party
Too Beautiful to lie
Volcano High
Yobi The Five Tailed Fox (anim)

Taiwan, China, Singapore
A Chinese Tall Story
Confession of pain
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Hero (Jet Li)
House of the Flying Daggers
New Police Story
Perhaps Love*
Police Story
Turn Left Turn right*

There is no way i can do a proper list of Chinese movies I've just seen so many over the years that i don't even remember or think to put to the list. However i'll try to list some. And add more along the way.
16th-Jun-2009 08:21 am (UTC)
Wow you've watched loads. I am noticing that most of your Chinese movies are of Takeshi Kaneshiro. Heee. Can't blame you at all!

You must have seen House of Flying Daggers right?
Also (not TK related)...Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?

By the way, how was Crows Zero? I haven't seen it yet but of course since Oguri is in this...it's a must!
16th-Jun-2009 08:41 am (UTC)
see the thing with chinese is that i don't know where to start XD.... and i haven't actually seen House of Flying Daggers... i've planned to watch it but i dunno... it's like a movie everyone knows him by and it's kinda keeping me away.
I have seen crouching tiger, also have sen Hero (with Jet Li) now that is a pretty movie! And then a lot of others. But listing them all down is kinda hard XD I should start from somewhere. But it's also like... shall i list down all the crappy Chackie Chan (and i do mean crappy with my dearest love towards the man) movies I've seen (actually i have listed 2). XD and so on and on. But yeah i should atleast list Cthd there.

Ahh i love crows zero, can't wait to see the sequel. It's really an awesome movie on it's own way. (i posted about it here) It's a bit over the top, lots of fighting, awesome characters = pretty boys and the music is just <3
16th-Jun-2009 08:55 am (UTC)
Ah seriously though, I think House of Flying Dagger is such a gorgeous movie to look at (I'm not just talking about TK). I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Jackie Chan movies! lol yes! list those too. Don't deny him! He's awesome. If anything, I always look forward to the bloopers at the end of his movies!

Crows Zero - ah thank you! Does it contain spoilers? Should I watch it first before I read?
16th-Jun-2009 09:22 am (UTC)
Well yes true... but also i kinda don't have a proper version of it. Im not good at renting stuff and I haven't been to a dvd shop for ages... it's probably sold out ages ago tough XD ...i should find out. I wanna do another Takeshi marathon, i have some movies lined up already. And he has many more movies coming up so... maybe i'll finally get around to it.

haha I'm not denying Chan XD ...and the bloopers are nice! He always bangs into stuff. ouch.

hmmm... spoilers... well i don't talk about and specific event in the movie i have some caps of characters and 2 from almost the end of the movie. I don't think you could be spoiled but I could be wrong... i dunno XD ...uhm.
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