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asia in a box
Hong Gil Dong 
23rd-Nov-2009 11:49 pm
alice [love hatter]

I really do wish i would have written about this drama earlier when i hadn't finished it yet when i didn't know how it all turns out in the end. And maybe it would have been better if i waited for a day or 2 before getting into this but here i am writing or well trying to write anyhow.

I've never been interested in watching korean historical dramas or have i really realized there are actually historical fusion dramas out there but Hong Gil Dong is one of those. The drama has little to do with history besides the clothes they wear but even that fact is questionable, there is the historical setting with the clothes, buildings, the kind the noblemen the bullied peasants but there are also sunglasses, smoke machines and disco lights in the brothel. The interpretation of the time is very free, the language is slangy the music is cool.
So those who are not interested in watching historical stuff like me it's rather a ease.

The drama itself is actually really funny but thats just partly because in between there is decapitation with lots of blood and then we are back to laughter. But i really really did enjoy this it was fun.
The drama is written by the Hong sisters the same ones who brought us the lovely "My Girl" and currently airing "You're Beautiful" (what is a cute and funny drama and if you still haven't started watching it then your so missing out).

Kang Ji Hwan is wonderful as Hong Gil Dong and he really makes the drama even more worth watching. So he really did impress me here and unlike after watching My Girlfriend is an Agent it's unlikely i will forget about him now. (he did have is adorable silly moments in that movie too tough)
I like Sung Yu Ri here a lot more than i did in Snow Queen but then again that drama wasn't that memorable or great itself. However her character reminds me a lot of Lee Da Hae's in My Girl.
Jang Geo Suk who in my opinion is always good to look at won't be pouting his lips here as he does in You're Beautiful (let's face it he is really adorable there) but here he is the gloomiest character around. He is a great actor even tough here at first he starts off a bit awkward. However along the way gets better and in the end it's his character who breaks my heart.

It was a good drama i had good laugh watching it even tough Im not happy on how it ended but it does not make it any less of what it was maybe it even makes it better. Also it has given me a push to check out more historical type of dramas. Hong Gil Dong was full of interesting characters, laughter, silliness but it was also serious and occasionally gross. Still it was the silly fun moments that made me like it and the serious ones that made me love it. Still I can not accept what he did, honestly it makes me a bit sick to think about it.
26th-Nov-2009 07:54 pm (UTC)
hahahahhahahaahahaha xDDDDDD
agree i totally agree xDDDD especially all parts about youre beautiful and jang geun suk!!!
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